3 Reasons To Hire A Green Card Attorney

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A United States Permanent Resident Card — known to most people around the world as a "green card" because of its distinctive color — is something that millions of immigrants apply for every year. Yet only about a sixth of these applicants actually receive one. This is due, in part, to the complicated and delicate nature of the application process itself. In order to ensure the best chances for a successful application, many people choose to hire the services of a naturalization attorney. If you are hoping to get your green card in the near future, read on below for just a few of the ways in which you can also benefit from the assistance of a lawyer.

Understanding the Paperwork

One of the most confusing parts of the green card application process is all the paperwork that it inevitably entails. Many immigrants may not know which forms are necessary, which ones will help boost the chances that their application is approved, or the deadlines for submitting either. Basing your understanding of paperwork merely on hearsay or the advice of a friend is rarely a good idea. Instead, it pays to work directly with an attorney who can provide expert advice, help you fill out the most important forms, and avoid submitting paperwork late.

Preventing Common Misunderstandings

The confusing nature of the green card application process serves as a breeding ground for baseless rumors and mistaken assumptions. Many of these are benign, but others can fundamentally shift the attitude or actions of a potential applicant. Some may not even be aware that they are eligible for a green card in the first place. That is why everyone who is considering getting a green card should first schedule a consultation with an attorney, if for no other reason than to gain a solid understanding of their current situation.

Appealing Your Case

It is also worthwhile to contact a green card attorney after your green card application has been rejected (assuming that fewer than thirty days have passed since you received the rejection notice). Based on your specific circumstances, a naturalization lawyer will know the most effective ways in which to appeal or refile your case and can help you do so much more quickly than you could on your own. While a successful appeal can never be totally guaranteed, working with a green card attorney makes it that much more likely.

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