Demystifying Common Immigration-Related Misconceptions

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Immigration laws are complicated and filled with many misconceptions that are often far from the truth. The misconceptions have discouraged many people from hiring immigration attorneys as they see no use in putting up a defense. Many immigrants fail to hire immigration lawyers, subjecting themselves to deportation and cancellation of their immigration status. Fact-checking can expose some of the misconceptions, but an experienced immigration attorney can perfectly debunk them. Therefore, whenever you face charges before the immigration court, it is crucial to exhaust your options. Some opportunities exist only in America, making immigration into the country a dream for many people. Unfortunately, some people are locked out of the country due to the following misconceptions about immigration laws. 

Myth #1: Many Immigrants Are in America Illegally

Most of the immigrants in America are here legally. The assertion debunks the common lie that it is easy to live in America as an illegal immigrant. The immigration court will not hesitate to deport you when you do not meet the prerequisite terms and conditions. The misconception has misled many immigrants not to hire immigration lawyers, jeopardizing their status. To guarantee your safety and stay in the country, consult an immigration lawyer from the get-go who will advise you on how best to maintain your immigration status legally in the country. Many immigrants have been naturalized into lawful citizens or green cardholders, ascertaining the essence of undertaking the requisite procedure.

Myth #2: Immigrants Are Limited to Low-Paying Jobs

The misconception is one of the most infamous in America, deteriorating immigrants' perception of the country's job market. When migrating into the USA, it is essential to consult an immigration attorney on the move's legality and the socio-economic impacts on you and your family. Some American jobs are opening up due to an aging population creating a gap that skilled and non-skilled immigrant laborers effectively fill. Immigration lawyers advise regarding state and federal labor laws relevant to immigrants, ensuring your compliance.

Myth #3: Immigration Attorneys are Expensive

The misconception that immigration attorneys are expensive has cast doubt on immigrant's prospects of living in America. However, the cost of an immigration attorney is like any other professional service. Many immigration lawyers are practicing, which gives you a choice based on cost, among other parameters. It is often worth your time and money to hire an immigration attorney. Overall, it will be more cost-effective to hire an experienced immigration lawyer than self-representation.

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